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Welcome to Costa Rica, where every corner is a testament to nature’s grandeur, and every moment promises a new adventure. For those disembarking at Liberia Airport and setting their sights on the captivating town of Playa Flamingo, your journey into paradise is just beginning. But navigating this wondrous land shouldn’t be left to chance. That’s where our expertise comes into play.

At, we believe that travel should be an experience, not just a commute. Touching down at Liberia Airport is only the first step, and ensuring that the rest of your journey to Playa Flamingo is smooth and stress-free is our pledge. Thanks to our trusted network of professional shuttle operators, you can seamlessly transition from the hustle and bustle of the airport to the serene landscapes and white sands of Playa Flamingo, all in the comfort of our modern, air-conditioned vehicles.

And while the beaches of Playa Flamingo are a sight to behold, it’s the recently unveiled *NEW* Flamingo Marina that’s capturing the hearts of many. A hub of activity, the marina is not just a testament to luxury and elegance but is also the gateway to some of the most exhilarating fishing and sailing excursions Costa Rica has to offer. Whether you’re an angling enthusiast looking to reel in a big catch or someone who simply wants to set sail and embrace the ocean’s embrace, Playa Flamingo’s maritime offerings are second to none. But hold that thought, as we’ll delve deeper into these oceanic adventures in the section below.

Join us on a journey through Costa Rica’s treasures, starting with an effortless journey from Liberia Airport to Playa Flamingo, and let us introduce you to experiences that linger in memories long after the trip has concluded. Your Costa Rican escapade awaits!

Playa Flamingo Shuttles

Tours and Things to do in Playa Flamingo

Top 4 Playa Flamingo Day Tours:

Nestled in the embrace of Playa Flamingo’s luxurious resort vibes, a world of adventures awaits beyond the pristine shores. Costa Rica’s allure extends from its golden beaches to its dense rainforests, majestic volcanoes, and tranquil waterways. Catering to both nature enthusiasts and those seeking thrill, we’ve curated four incredible day trips tailored for Playa Flamingo guests. And to elevate your experience? We promise a convenient pick-up right from your Playa Flamingo resort. Dive into these handpicked excursions and let the magic of Costa Rica leave an indelible mark on your heart.

1. ZipLine, Horseback Riding, Tubing, Hot Springs & Lunch Rincon de le Vieja:
Set out on an expedition to the enchanting Rincon de la Vieja. Feel the exhilaration as you zip-line amidst the canopy, with panoramic vistas of the landscape unfolding beneath. Embark on a horseback journey, soaking in the essence of Costa Rica’s raw beauty. Drift in tubes along calm river channels, and later, melt away your stresses in the embrace of natural hot springs. Culminate your escapade with a sumptuous local lunch, a gastronomic delight amidst nature.

2. Wildlife Nature Hike, Blue Waterfall, Lunch & Sloth Trail at Tenorio Volcano Park:
Delve deep into the wonders of Tenorio Volcano Park. Traverse the lush trails, keeping an eager eye out for the myriad wildlife, with the sloth trail offering glimpses of these charming creatures lazing amidst the foliage. The mesmerizing Blue Waterfall stands as nature’s masterpiece, its vibrant hues painting a contrast against the green expanse. Reenergize with a delectable lunch set against the backdrop of the serene wilderness.

3. Guachipelin Adventure Volcano Zipline Horseback River Tubing Combo:
Amplify your adventure at Guachipelin! Begin by soaring over volcanic terrains on a thrilling zip-line journey, each glide revealing Costa Rica’s diverse beauty. Experience the landscapes on horseback, letting the rhythm of nature guide you. The river tubing experience promises excitement at every bend, offering a unique perspective of the surroundings. This combo is the essence of Costa Rican thrill, all packed into a day’s escapade.

4. Private Yacht Experience with Snorkelling and Water Sports Half day:
For those yearning for an infusion of luxury, embark on an exclusive yacht voyage over Playa Flamingo’s azure waters. Delve beneath the waves, snorkeling amidst a kaleidoscope of marine wonders. Bask on the yacht’s deck, or challenge yourself with invigorating water sports that includes wakeboarding, waterskiing and tubing. This half-day experience marries relaxation with adventure, creating moments you’ll cherish.

To bask in the authentic essence of Costa Rica, all you need is a thirst for adventure and let us handle the rest. Book your Playa Flamingo day trip with us, and embark on a journey of wonder and exhilaration. πŸƒπŸŒŠπŸŒ‹πŸ΄πŸš€πŸŒΊ

Top 4 Activities in Playa Flamingo:

Tucked away in the pristine corners of Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica, the beauty of the locale beckons even those short on time or yearning for a peaceful respite amidst their tropical holiday. Sometimes, the most enduring memories can be crafted in just a few hours. And so, we’ve selected four local gems, each promising a quick yet unforgettable immersion into the vibrant pulse of Playa Flamingo. Plus, with our streamlined booking system, stepping into these adventures is as breezy as the coastal winds. Let’s set the scene.

1. Sunset Catamaran Cruise with Snorkeling and Light Lunch:
As the Costa Rican sky transitions into a canvas of oranges and purples, imagine gliding on a catamaran, the ocean whispering tales beneath you. Dive in for a snorkeling adventure and later, as you resurface, be greeted by a sumptuous light lunch. An evening on the water, with all its moods and colors, awaits.

2. ATV Beach and Mountain Tour:
Feel the thrill as you maneuver an ATV across the silken sands of Playa Flamingo and ascend its neighboring mountains. It’s a journey of contrasts – the cool ocean spray on your face followed by breathtaking mountain vistas, all in a short span.

3. Inshore Fishing with Optional Snorkeling Summer Combo:
Cast a line into the abundant waters off Playa Flamingo and let the ocean reward your patience. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a first-timer, the joy of the catch is unparalleled. And if the waters beckon, take a plunge for an impromptu snorkeling escapade.

4. Surf Lessons with Transportation from Playa Flamingo:
While Playa Flamingo itself might not be the quintessential β€œsurf beach”, the beauty lies in its proximity to some of the region’s best surf locales. Our expert guides, with a keen sense of the tides and waves, will transport you to the day’s most apt beach, tailoring the experience to your skill level. So, even if you’re based in Playa Flamingo, the best waves are always within reach.

Playa Flamingo, with its mix of serenity and vibrancy, invites you to sample a slice of Costa Rica in the most delightful, time-efficient ways. Dive into these curated short adventures, and make every moment in this paradise count. Adventure is just a click away. Embark with us now! 🌴🌊

Playa Flamingo Shuttles

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