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Liberia Airport (LIR) to Samara Transfer Options:

Stepping out at Liberia Airport, can you already sense the allure of Samara awaiting you? With, that coastal charm is just a relaxing ride away.

Our dedicated shuttle service is crafted to ensure a smooth transition from the airport’s vibrancy directly to the tranquil beauty of Samara. Partnering with trusted shuttle operators, we prioritize your comfort, ensuring each ride in our air-conditioned vehicles feels like the beginning of a memorable vacation.

Samara is more than just a destination; it’s an experience. Adored for its palm-fringed shoreline and laid-back ambiance, it’s a place where both the adventurer and the peace-seeker find solace. Whether you’re drawn to the rhythmic dance lessons on the beach or the thrill of kayaking amidst the gentle waves, Samara offers a rich tapestry of activities that resonate with its visitors.

Interested in diving deeper into the essence of Samara? We’ve got a curated list of must-try activities and hidden gems in the section to follow.

Ready to set course from Liberia Airport to the captivating sands of Samara? Let be your guide. Your Samara experience is about to unfold!

Samara Shuttles

Tours and Things to do in Samara

Top 4 Samara Day Tours:

Discover the Wonders Beyond Sámara

Sámara, with its tranquil beaches and laid-back charm, is the quintessential coastal retreat. However, for those days when the spirit of adventure beckons, inviting you to explore a world beyond the shimmering waves, we have an assortment of day trips tailored just for you. Setting forth from Sámara, each of these tours promises unique experiences and insights into the diverse beauty of Costa Rica. And for utmost convenience? We’ve arranged direct pickups right from Sámara. Here’s a peek into the adventures that await:

1. Private All Day Family Tour: Rio Celeste River:
Experience the wonders of the Rio Celeste River on this exclusive journey. Navigate its vibrant waters on a thrilling tubing adventure, with the dense rainforest forming a picturesque backdrop. As you venture deeper, be ready to encounter the area’s rich wildlife, painting a vivid tableau of nature’s bounty. A visit to the mesmerizing waterfall, set against an active volcano, is bound to leave you spellbound. This private excursion promises intimate moments with nature, curated just for you.

2. Dino Park and Blue River Resort Adventure in Rincon de la Vieja:
Journey back in time with an adventure to Dino Park, set amidst the magnificent Rincon de la Vieja. Witness lifelike dinosaurs in a lush jungle setting, offering both thrills and an educational experience. After your prehistoric escapade, unwind at the Blue River Resort, where the soothing properties of mineral-rich waters promise rejuvenation. It’s a day where history and luxury intertwine seamlessly.

3. ATV Tour & Zip Lining Combo:
Infuse your day with adrenaline on this combo adventure. Kickstart with an ATV tour, rumbling through diverse terrains that showcase the region’s breathtaking landscapes. Then, take to the skies, zip-lining across the canopy, feeling the rush of the wind and the thrill of heights. This day trip is an exhilarating blend of ground and air adventures, tailored for the thrill-seekers at heart.

4. Private All Day Family Tour: Arenal Excursion with Hot Springs:
Embark on a family-focused journey to the iconic Arenal region. Stand in awe of the mighty Arenal Volcano, its majestic presence offering a lesson in nature’s grandeur. Delve deep into the lush surroundings, discovering flora and fauna that capture the essence of Costa Rica. As the day winds down, let the family relax and bond in the natural hot springs, where the warmth of the water complements the warmth of cherished moments.

The tranquility of Sámara is a call to relaxation, but when the heart desires a sprinkle of adventure, these excursions are your ticket to the wonders of Costa Rica. Dive into these curated experiences, and let us be the bridge between Sámara’s calm and Costa Rica’s vibrant adventures. Book your journey with us, and let the memories begin. 🍃🌊🌋🚗🚤🌺

Top 4 Activities in Samara:

Samara in a Snapshot: Ideal Excursions for the Time-Conscious or Nearby Adventure Seeker

Set along Costa Rica’s picturesque Pacific coast, Samara stands as a beacon of tranquil beauty interspersed with pockets of adventure. Whether it’s a fleeting visit you’re embarking on or perhaps a desire to unearth treasures close by, Samara’s offerings are both varied and accessible. Recognizing that not every traveler has the luxury of time or the inclination for distant escapades, we’ve distilled the essence of the region into a list of activities. Each one promises to enrich your stay without demanding extensive hours or travel, ensuring you capture the spirit of Samara efficiently and memorably:

1. ATV Mountain & Beach Tour:
Experience the dual allure of Samara with an ATV tour that takes you from the majestic heights of surrounding mountains down to the serene shores of its iconic beaches. It’s a journey that marries the thrill of exploration with breathtaking landscapes at every turn.

2. Full Day Off Road Adventure Tour & Sunset Cruise in Playa Samara:
Engage all your senses with a comprehensive day tour that starts with off-road thrills and culminates in a tranquil sunset cruise. As you navigate rugged terrains by day and sail across calm waters by evening, the contrasts of Playa Samara come alive, making for an unmatched day-long escapade.

3. Playa Samara Ocean Kayak and Snorkeling:
Paddle through the gentle waves of Playa Samara on a kayak, pausing occasionally to dive beneath and acquaint yourself with the vibrant marine ecosystem during a snorkeling session. It’s a perfect activity to connect with nature, both above and below the ocean’s surface.

4. Horseback Riding in Playa Carrillo:
A short distance from Samara lies the pristine Playa Carrillo. Here, experience the timeless charm of horseback riding along the beach, with the rhythmic cadence of hooves on sand punctuated by the mesmerizing sounds of waves and the whispers of coastal breezes.

To round it off, Samara is more than just a coastal destination; it embodies a rich tapestry of experiences and landscapes that beckon to both adventurers and those seeking reprieve. The tours listed above, each unique in its appeal, provide a comprehensive glimpse into what makes Samara truly special. So, gear up for a journey that’s as diverse and dynamic as the town itself, ensuring your memories of this Costa Rican gem are as vivid as they are varied. 🌴🌊

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