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San Jose Airport (SJO) to Tortuguero: Your Gateway to Pristine Wilderness

Upon landing at San Jose’s SJO Airport, if your next adventure is charted for the unique wetland ecosystem of Tortuguero, stands ready to make that journey as effortless as it is exciting.

Our dedicated shuttle service offers an efficient bridge from SJO Airport straight to the heart of Tortuguero’s wonders. Backed by our collaboration with top-tier shuttle operators, we pledge an experience that combines punctuality, premium comfort, and safety. Travel in our contemporary, air-conditioned fleet and let the metropolitan sights of San Jose gracefully meld into the rich green tapestry of Tortuguero.

Tortuguero is a jewel of biodiversity. Renowned for its sprawling national park and intricate maze of waterways, it beckons nature enthusiasts and solitude seekers alike. Especially significant is its status as a prime nesting site for various sea turtles, offering visitors a chance to witness one of nature’s most touching spectacles.

For those targeting a seamless and top-notch transition from San Jose’s SJO Airport to the lush labyrinth of Tortuguero, is undeniably the way to go. Join us, and let the magic of Tortuguero envelop you.

Tortuguero / La Pavona Shuttles

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